A Deep Dive Into the Working of the Brain and Ways to Enhance Its Powers

Image scan of the brain
Image scan of the brain

The feeling of fatigue after a cognitively exhaustive day is quite ubiquitous in people. There is a radical change in the kind of “tiredness” experienced by the people in the past centuries. Surprisingly, your brain never gets tired. From where does the feeling of ‘burnout’ arrives after a workday? Is it the effect of physical fatigue that ensconces inside neurons? To add some weight to our following assertions, Hers’s a snippet from the book Deep Work by Cal Newport -

One of the chief things which my typical man [or woman] has to learn is that the mental faculties are…

It’s time to solve the social dilemma and get back to our roots.

The numbers are killing you. Futile scrolling over the tabs you’ve already gone through seems inevitable. Like, shares, views, or comments are the numbers on which your happiness depends. What is up with these numbers? These obsessions indicate the impact of social media and numbers on us. When I started reading on Medium, my reading list was filled with superfluous articles on self-help, productivity, etc. After trotting over twenty such articles, the point which always squeezed its way inside the article was Social Media. These apps are cajoling you into their web, and it's nothing less than Folie à deux…

Conversion of hindsight into foresight is crucial

Most people can’t perceive the accurate results of a future circumstance before it happens because there might be plenty of variables in your formulation for the prediction, which might change with time. You only know the constants which plug into your brain to perceive a future event, but you don’t know anything about variables. No one can sense a situation beforehand because all its consequences are only revealed after its occurrence, right? Let’s try to answer that.

What do you think have helped people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs achieve their goals? It was the foresight. They…

Celine Dion gave excellent advice for the nourishment of your skin. Did you hear?

Celine Dion asked a question in her song “Ashes” —

Can the beauty come out of ashes?

If we try to answer this question on a literal basis, the answer is Yes. Ashes can indeed be an ingredient in your skincare recipe. Yes, you read it right. Many different types of ashes found all over the world can be utilized to make your skin “better.” Don’t confuse “better” with “fair,” and I think it's high time to avoid using these terms. Anyways, let's talk about what do I mean by better skin without digressing further.

A significant problem faced mostly…

Stop allotting periods for tasks and improve your productivity.

In most timetables or to-do-lists, people always assign time slots for any task. It seems like a pretty efficient way to complete your mission and provides you the proper routine to follow, but how often do you really follow your timetable? Even if you do, on what basis you decide the amount of time is required for a particular task? Are you giving superfluous time to some tasks? Is it affecting your productivity and efficiency? Keep these questions in your mind.


Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

Many of you might have heard this…

And Revisiting the Concept That Dates Back to 2350 BC

Suppose you got married, what’s different from your earlier life? You were having fun with the same woman or man a week ago. Maybe you were in a live-in relationship, so you were staying together too. What has changed now? Many people may answer that the couple proved their commitment by marrying. In precise, they won’t “leave each other now.” Why is this marriage needed to show the commitment? Is marriage another way to kill negative contingencies about your partner? Have you married your partner to shut other doors?

Most people will hesitate to associate such negative connotations with their…

Importance of differentiating between advice and gaslighting.

It’s good to mold your beliefs into something better, taking advice from an experienced person about anything helps you change your thought process, and you should take plenty of advice from people. Parents help their kids understand things that the kids misunderstand, which involves healthy advisory sessions and seldom involves scolding if their kids don’t obey. This process of molding the wrong belief into something better involves reinforcement and punishment psychology.

I think it's good to advise youngsters at early ages about right and wrong because they can’t predict future outcomes like adults, but the problem arises when people replace…

A disturbing true-crime story of a double murder case that remained unsolved due to amateur police officials.

2008 Noida double Murder Case

The murder of 13-year-old girl Aarushi Talwar and 45-year-old Hemraj Banjade, a male worker in a city famous for its criminal records. Most of the criminals that thrive in India are from a state named Uttar Pradesh, and within this state is a city named NOIDA. The conditions are currently drastically changed, but it was known as India's Crime City in the past decade. People reported an uncountable number of rapes, murders, burglaries, and many other brutal criminal incidents were from this city in 2008, and this double murder case was among them. …

Various factors affect your psychology, due to this, logical fallacies and cognitive biases come into the picture. How to avoid this?

There are millions of things you experience in a day one way or another that ultimately affects the actions in your upcoming days. It affects how you deal with different problems, how you talk to people, and how you will live the rest of your life. Every small thing matters and affects your upcoming decisions. A breakup with your girlfriend or getting fired from a job creates different problems in your life on top of the prevailing problems.

Due to many other events happening in our life, sometimes we make biases, wrong decisions, fallacies, etc. Every human makes all of…

Works of these 3 authors have very significant features that you can adopt to improve your writing skills

After spending a not-so-productive time in 2019, I decided to enhance my writing skills and do something productive on online platforms in the upcoming year. The first half of 2020 was filled with all-time legendary authors, and in the later half, comparatively new authors found their space on my bookshelf.

So, after 12 months of intensive and casual reading involving fiction, non-fiction, personal growth, financial literacy, etc., I am here with a list of different authors and how their writing styles can improve your writing skill.

Timothy Ferriss — Idiom Master

After reading “The 4-hour Workweek,” I was literally amazed that the author has used…

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